Social Welfare Schemes in India- A Detailed Guide

Social Welfare Schemes in India

India, a nation of more than 140 crore population, is known for its cultural diversity and rich heritage. The government has started several social welfare schemes in India to benefit such a vast population.  These incentives aim to uplift its citizens and foster inclusive growth, address socioeconomic disparities, and enhance the

Central Government Schemes for Farmers

government backed farmer schemes

The Indian government is prioritizing the welfare of the country's farmers and started several farmer-benefitting schemes. Central government schemes for farmers aim to fulfill the aspirations of the country's farmers. These schemes help modernize the country's agriculture sector, improve crop quantity and quality, and enhance farmers' economic conditions. These schemes include Soil health

Invest in US Stock Market from India

Invest in US Stock Market from India

Can you invest in US stock market from India? What are the ways through which you can invest in US stocks? Yes, you can invest in US stocks; it is possible through direct investment, mutual funds, or exchange-traded funds (ETFs). A place or a platform where the selling and buying of stocks

Livestock Insurance Schemes in India

Livestock Insurance Scheme in India

Livestock insurance schemes in India aim to protect livestock in India. Millions of farmers and other people in our country rear animals such as cows, buffalos, sheep, goats, camels, etc.  These animals are a source of livelihood for millions. The loss of these animals because of diseases, unfortunate accidents, and death

Government Schemes on Education in India

Government Schemes on Education in India

Indian government schemes on education aim to educate the people of the country. Education, as we know, is essential for the overall development of a country, be it economic, political, or transforming a country in any field. People with good education play an important role in developing a country. Well-educated people

NTPC Scholarship Scheme – Engineering Students

NTPC Scholarship Scheme

National Thermal Power Corporation Pvt Ltd (NTPC) offers scholarships under the name NTPC scholarship scheme for eligible students from the Schedule Cast (ST) / Schedule Tribe (ST) and Physically Challenged (PC) category students. The NTPC scholarship scheme is available to students who take engineering courses in NIT, IIT, and BIT to

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

The government of India has taken several steps to educate the country's people. One such step is pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities. Pre matric scholarship scheme is a scheme for minority school-going children. The scheme aims to encourage parents of minority communities to send their children to school and provide

Welfare Schemes for Women in India

Women empowerment schemes

Women empower the nation. Considering this, the Indian Government has started several welfare schemes for women in India. One of the first steps in empowering women is to provide them with adequate financial stability. In many cases, women who have violent and toxic relationships feel trapped and helpless because they lack

JK Bank Home Loan – Housing Loan

JK bank housing loan

Jammu and Kashmir Bank offer home loans to employees and self-employed individuals. JK Bank home loan can be used to construct or purchase a house/flat or land. Additional loans within the total credit limit for renovations, extensions, alterations, and improvements to the existing house or flat are also offered under

Post Office Gram Priya Scheme- RPIL Scheme

Gram Priya scheme

Post Office Gram Priya scheme (RPLI) was started on March 24, 1995, by the government of India on the recommendations of the Malhotra committee for people living in rural areas.   The Malhotra Committee found in 1993 that only 22% of India's population was insured; life insurance funds account for only 10% of