Courier Service in Dubai to India -

Courier Service in Dubai to India

Courier Service in Dubai to India: A Service that allows anyone worldwide to send or receive packages or shipments from one place to another is called a courier service. Courier can be booked and paid online.

Senders can pick up their packages by courier service or leave the package nearby for later pick-up by courier service.

Many companies offer courier services that help constantly move goods from country to country. Several courier companies offer cheap services with delivery from Dubai to India. 

Many people prefer to use the services of courier companies to ship their consignments from Dubai to India because they provide safe, reliable, and trustworthy services.

Courier Service in Dubai to India

With advances in technology, courier services provide excellent online tracking services that allow customers to know the status of their shipments anytime, instead of getting to their office every time. Following is a list of courier companies that provides efficient courier service in Dubai to India. 

Blazeflash Courier Ltd.

Blazflash Courier Company Ltd is one of the growing courier companies in goods and materials transport with the domestic and international sectors. The company’s headquarters in Dubai is located at Qusais Al Qusais Industrial Area 4. The courier company provides loading, packaging, warehousing, and international shipping services. 

Blazeflash Courier Ltd is a trusted company that customers can trust, the company provides the best courier service in Dubai to India reliably and safely. International courier, blaze gold express service, extraordinary courier, domestic courier, and intracity courier are the services the Courier Company provides to its customers. 

It offers easy-to-use features such as a complaint tracking tool to connect easily with customer support and an online tracking option. A customer can check here for courier charges and other details. 

Seabreeze Courier

Seabreeze Courier Company provides domestic and international courier services and is one of the leading courier companies in India and GCC. The company was founded in 1998 and has operated in India and the United Arab Emirates for 13 years.

Being an international courier company, it provides express delivery between Dubai and India in the shortest possible time. Seabreeze courier has the widest network in the United Arab Emirates and India, having branches in main locations that help deliver products at a lower cost.

It has several branches, mainly in Kerala, and provides express delivery within 4 working days as the company is tied up with the Dubai airport authority. In the event of regular delivery, delivering documents or gift items to India takes 8 days.  

The company offers easy-to-use tools such as a currency converter, volume weight, shipping time, and an online tracking facility. Customers can also check the status of their consignment.

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Overnight Express Ltd.

Overnite Express Ltd offers a wide range of services and products to meet customers’ needs. With Overnite Express Ltd, packages, documents, and other shipments can be sent by regular or priority shipments that are urgent and time-sensitive shipments. The company provides a home delivery service.

Overnite Express Company is also a reliable and fastest courier service in Dubai to India. Its network is spread in more than 1,000 cities worldwide and delivers the items to their respective dentations in a minimum of 3-5 working days.

It is known for its domestic courier service, international courier service, logistics service, parcel ordering service, and international cargo forwarder. 

The courier also delivers restricted items such as liquid products, chemical powders, etc. the customer must provide the necessary documentation per company policy. Those interested can check the necessary documents with the company, which must be submitted before delivery.

A Courier tracking facility is also available with an Overnight courier to track the consignment. The customer does not need to visit the company office or call for support. Courier can  track your courier also. 

DTDC Courier

DTDC courier (Desk to Desk & Cargo) is an Indian courier company based in Bangalore and Karnataka. The courier is also called DTDC Express Limited. DTDC processes millions of shipments every year.

The courier company has an international presence also. In Dubai, the company’s regional headquarter is located Near Emirates Metro Station, Behind RTA Office, Um Ramool, Dubai, UAE. To provide excellent customer service, DTDC has maintained the best courier network worldwide.

DTDC has 24 years of experience in the courier industry and provides cargo and express courier services to deliver goods from Dubai to India. 

DTDC provides door-to-door domestic and e-commerce services to meet customers’ needs with its reliable and cost-effective services. The company offers a wide range of courier services such as E-commerce courier service, international courier service, domestic courier service, and E-fulfillment solutions.  

Online tracking of shipments is also available with DTDC. Customers can check their shipment status by entering the shipment number and knowing more about the consignment. 

Skynet Worldwide Express

SkyNet Worldwide Express courier is an international courier company that provides courier service in Dubai to India. It is the regional hub for the SkyNet network in the Middle East, Asia subcontinent, and North Africa.

The company has over 1 000 offices located strategically with major ports in Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Singapore, Johannesburg, and Sydney that ensure delivery of consignments to 209 countries. 

Skynet Worldwide Express offers courier services with reliability, safe manner, cheap rates, with efficiency. Being an international courier company, they have offices worldwide; Skynet has export express delivery, express delivery services, economic express delivery, international mail, and several other special services for its customers. 

The courier company has several advanced features. These features include online tracking, electronic invoicing, delivery confirmation, and a smart dispatch system to make it easier for customers to access their consignments. Customers can check and track their shipments to know the shipment status.  


Courier services are specialized services that companies and individuals use when they need to deliver packages or documents quickly. Although packages can be sent quickly through regular postal services, they cannot guarantee overnight or same-day delivery.

Millions of people worldwide take courier services to send and receive packages. There are also lots of people from India working in Dubai, and every year they send packages and documents from Dubai to India through a courier service. 

So for these people, a reliable and cost erective courier is a must. The above-mentioned couriers are good options for sending couriers from Dubai to India, as they have been in this field for several years. 

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