ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card -

ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card

CICI Bank is one of the leading private-sector banks in India. In association with Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited and Visa, the Bank provides an ICICI bank Amazon Pay credit card.

This credit card is free for life with no registration or renewal fees, and it is designed so that you will earn revenue on every purchase you make through this card.

The card mechanism allows you to earn an Amazon Pay balance for every purchase you make, both on and outside Amazon.in.

One can save money by shopping with Amazon Pay ICICI credit card and enjoy exclusive privileges. This personalized card will give you cash back anywhere, anytime, so you can save on every purchase.


Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Features

ICICI Amazon Pay credit card features


  • You do not have to pay a joining or annual fee for this card
  • Reward points you earned using this card have no expiry date
  • You can use reward points to buy thousands of products at Amazon.in and over 100 merchant partners
  • If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can earn 5% cashback on transactions made at Amazon.in
  • Non-Amazon Prime members can earn 3% cashback on transactions made at Amazon.in.
  • Making transactions using this card at Amazon Pay at more than 100 merchant partners, you can earn 2% cashback
  • For all other payments through this card, will you give 1% cashback
  • In addition to existing offers (if there are any), the earnings will be credited as Amazon Pay Balance

Fee and Late Payment Charges for ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

Charges for ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card is as follows:

Fee Type Amount
  Joining and Annual Fee    Nil



Fee for Late Payments

   No fee for amounts below 100

   Rs. 100 for the amount between 100 to 500

   Rs. 500 for the amount between 501 to 5,000

   Rs. 750 for the amount between 5,001 to 10,000

   Rs. 900 for the amount between 10,001 to 25,000

   Rs. 1,000 for the amount between 25,001 to 50,000

   Rs. 1,200 above 50,000

What is the Reward Structure of This Credit Card?                 

The reward structure of the Amazon Pay ICICI credit card is as follows:   

  • Payments through this card on fuel, grocery, dining, gold, and furniture, outside Amazon Pay will give you 1% cashback·      
  • You will earn 2% cashback on bill payments, recharge, and adding money to Amazon.      
  • If you pay outside Amazon on food or health through Amazon Pay using this card, you will get 2% cashback·      
  • Making payments on Amazon through this card on mobiles, groceries, and flight tickets will provide you with 3% cashback·      
  • Payment of electricity bill using this card will give you 20%-Rs. 250 cashbacks·      
  • Payment of broadband connection through this card gives you 25%-Rs. 350 cashback       
  • Prepaid recharges using this card will provide you with 5%-Rs. 100 cashback·      
  • Using this card for gas cylinder payments will give you up to 10%-Rs. 125 of cashback   
  • Paying post-paid payment through this card will give you 25%-Rs.300 of cashback

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Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card Apply

An individual can apply for this card in the following way:

Initially, an invitation to apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI bank credit card was limited to Amazon users only. The persons who were using Amazon.in application were invited to apply for this card through a push notification from the Amazon application and email.

If the customer fulfills the eligibility criteria, he can apply for this card upon receiving an invitation. The card is ready-to-use and is dispatched to the customer through a courier service.

Amazon Pay credit card is now open to all persons. The persons who are customers of ICICI bank and have a monthly minimum of Rs. 25,000 and non-customers of the ICICI bank having a monthly income of Rs. 35,000 can apply for this card.

A person interested in this card can visit the official website of ICICI Bank and hover the courier to the cards button where on the right side, he can click on the Amazon Pay credit cards; a new page will be opened where he can apply for this card.

An alternative way to apply for this credit card is Amazon mobile application. In this mobile application, an individual can go to the Amazon Pay option under the main menu, and after checking the eligibility criteria, he can apply accordingly.

Amazon Pay ICICI Credit Card Eligibility

Fulfilling the fallowing eligibility criteria you can apply for Amazon Pay credit card:

  Age   18-60 years
  Occupation   Salaried or self employed person can apply
  Minimum Income   Rs. 25,000/month for ICICI Bank customers 

  Rs. 35,000/month for non-ICICI customers

What Documents are Needed to Get Amazon Pay Credit Card

Fallowing documents are required to get ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Credit Card:

Identity Proof Address Proof Income Proof
  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Voter’s ID
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • NREGA Job card 
  • Overseas Indian citizen
  • Government issued identity
  • A letter issued by UIDAI
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • Ration card
  • Job card issued by NREGA
  • Property registration document 
  • Three months utility bill 
  • Statement of bank account 
  • Address proof issued by Government 
  • Three months salary slip 
  • Form 16 of latest year
  • Last three months bank statement

Is It Worth Getting Amazon Pay ICIC Credit Card?

ICICI Amazon Pay credit card is worth it for those people who primarily shop online on Amazon’s e-commerce store. Amazon Prime members can get a cashback of 5% on every purchase made through this credit card.

A 3% cashback is given to non-primer members of Amazon. This credit card will provide a holder a 2% cashback on Amazon Pay partner merchants, and on all other transactions, it will give a cashback of 1%.

If you mainly shop online on Amazon, then this credit card is worth it for you as spending through this for shopping online will provide you with cashback and discounts. However, travel or entertainment benefits are not provided by this card.

Shopping online on Amazon makes sense to use this card to get benefits; it is worth getting this card if you think your shopping is mostly online.


Credit card is one of the best options for shopping online. In today’s digital world, more and more people shop online for their daily needs through credit cards issued by different banks; one such card is the ICICI bank Amazon Pay credit card.

This credit card is primarily meant for shopping online. Transactions made through this card give a spender lot of benefits. ICICI Bank issues this card with the association of Amazon Pay.

Every transaction through this card by an Amazon Prime member will provide him a 5% cashback, and non-prime members will get a cashback of 3%. You can make payments through this card for shopping, electricity bills, broadband connections, recharge, gas refilling, etc., and get benefits in the form of cashback.

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