India Post Logistics Post Service: Logistic Service -

India Post Logistics Post Service: Logistic Service

India Post Logistics Post Service offers companies and customers an economical and efficient solution that manages the entire value chain, from collection to storage, transmission, and distribution throughout India. 

With India’s growing economy, transportation and logistics take on a new dimension in any business. The logistic post can satisfy any request for the movement of goods, packages, and shipments in terms of delivery times and quality of service.

Besides, it offers the possibility to monitor the progress of the delivery at any time. Whether you want to distribute your computers across the country or send your auto parts to dealers, logistics post has a solution tailored for you.

India Post Logistics Post Service: Logistic Service

Logistic Post

India post logistics post service goes beyond the weight limit for parcels and provides end-to-end services in the logistics post chain.

  • Logistics post service includes order processing, storage, inventory management, collection and packaging services, and door-to-door distribution.
  • Logistic post is ideal for sending large shipments, including several parcels.
  • The maximum weight is 35 kg in other services such as packages.
  • There is no minimum weight sending through logistics post.
  • Small shipments, part truckloads, and full truckloads can be shipped and will arrive at their destination overnight on the second day at most stations in the state.
  • Logistic post can satisfy any request to transfer goods, parcels, and shipments within delivery times and quality of service.

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Features of the India Post Logistics Post Service

Customers can send their Full Truckload (FTL) or in Less than a Truckload (LTL), a parcel, or multiple parcels, according to their needs. It is convenient and flexible. Logistics Post uses a particular network to transport and deliver packages and shipments across the country. It moves shipments by road, rail, and air and ensures fast and safe deliveries.

LTL service (less than a truckload)

The customer can send one or more parcels as needed. It is convenient and flexible.

Full Truckload Service (FTL)

The customer can send a full truckload. The logistic post uses a unique network to transport and deliver parcels and shipments across the country. Logistics posts move your consignments by road, rail, and air and ensure fast and secure delivery.

Warehousing Services 

Before dispatch/delivery of goods, customers are provided with storage facilities on warehousing charges.

Order Processing and Processing Services

Logistic post facilitates the entire logistic operation by providing collection and packaging structures according to the customer’s specific needs.

Reverse Logistics

Customers requesting “return services” will find the logistics post as the ideal solution. This function is provided simply by signing the “Reverse Logistics” agreement.

Multimodal Transport

According to customer needs, shipments are sent by road, rail, or air.

Shipping Services

Solutions for order management and processing are also available that take a whole business approach. Logistics Post will facilitate all logistics operations by providing “pick and pack” structures based on the customer’s specific needs.

According to the customer’s wishes, each shipment will be packed with specific products.

Apart from all this logistics post provide:

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-door service is available for customers and is charged at the rate of Rs.1 per kg, with a minimum of Rs.100 /- per Shipping in addition to the logistics post costs. Thus door-to-door service is also available at affordable rates.

Distance and Weight-Based Fare 

Weight, volume, and discount decide the charges for a shipment. For each shipment, a deposit fee of Rs.100 / is paid at other costs depending on the weight, volume, and distance.

Airport to Airport Facility

The customer will deposit the items at the postal facility available on the airport premises, and the delivery will be made to the customer at the destination airport post office.

City to City Service

This service is available to the customer by paying an additional Rs.1 per kg, with a minimum of Rs.50 / per shipment.

The logistics post service is available in all state capitals, providing connections for district offices and small towns.

India Post Logistics Post Service Centers

Dedicated logistics centers have been created across the country to meet your transportation and distribution needs.

To find a logistics post service center near you, contact the office of the Chief Post Master General.

Head of Circles, Chief Postmaster General



STD Code




Shri Abhinav Walia Andhra Pradesh – Vijayawada 866 2429801 2499302
Shri Rajkumar Biswanath Singh (Current Charge) Assam – Guwahati 361 2603636 2544838
Bihar – Patna 612 2225051 2230029
Shri. H .C. Agrawal (Additional Charge) Chattisgarh – Raipur 771 2233001 2233194
Ms. Manju Kumar Delhi 11 23534394 23627114
Bishnupada Sarangi Gujarat – Ahmedabad 79 25503133 25505275
Haryana – Ambala 171 2803100 2603763
Ms.Meera Ranjan Tshering Himachal Pradesh – Shimla 177 2629000 2620351
Maj. Gen. D. V. Mahesh Jammu & Kashmir – Srinagar 194 248300 2452036
Shri K Prakash Jharkhand – Ranchi 651 2482345 2480153
Karnataka – Bengaluru 80 22258832 22202607
Ms. Sheuli Burman Kerala – Trivandrum 471 2308300 2306500
Shri Jitendra Gupta Madhya Pradesh – Bhopal 0755 2550838 2556547
Ms Veena Ramakrishna Srinivas Maharashtra – Mumbai 22 22620049 22620829
Shri Amitabh Kharkwal North East – Shillong 364 2223800 2223034
Shri Suvendu Kumar Swain Orissa – Bhubaneswar 674 2392000 2394790
V. K. Gupta Punjab – Chandigarh 172 2706700 2721670
Shri Shailendra Dashora Rajasthan – Jaipur 141 2372020 2366151
Shri B. Selvakumar Tamilnadu – Chennai 44 28520367 28521199
S. Rajendra Kumar Telangana -Hyderabad 040 23463650
Shri K. K. Sinha (Additional Charge) Uttarakhand – Dehradun 135 2658396 2650065
Shri Kaushalendra Kumar Sinha Uttar Pradesh – Lucknow 522 2622000 2202531
Ms. J. Charukesi West Bengal – Kolkata 33 23096080 22120811



Logistics post provides an economical and efficient way for the movement of goods. You can send items from one place to another through the logistics post. India post logistics post service offers the possibility to track the delivery progress.

The warehouse facility is available to customers on warehousing charges. Logistics post can send your items through road, rail, and air as per your needs. The door-to-door facility is also available for the customers @ Rs.1/- per kg, with the highest of Rs.100/- per shipment.

There are also dedicated logistics centers to meet the customer’s distribution and transportation needs throughout the country.

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