Post Office Savings Account Balance Inquiry -

Post Office Savings Account Balance Inquiry

If you have a savings account in the post office and want to know your balance then you can go to that branch office and update your passbook, but there are other methods through which post office savings account balance inquiry can be carried out.

Post Office India provides several services to the general public, one service is a savings account. The account is beneficial for those who want to save some portion of their hard-earned money for the future.

A savings account holder of the Post office can use many methods to check his account balance without visiting the branch in person.

Here in this article, we will discuss the methods through which an account holder of the Post office can check his savings account balance.

Savings Account Balance Inquiry in Post Office

A savings account in the Post office is similar to an account in any private or public sector bank. Like banks, the post office provides digital services so customers can get to their accounts.

You can see your account balance, recent transactions, transfer money, and much more. Now let’s see the methods to check your post office account balance.

E-Passbook Facility

You can use the PostInfo App or the Website for this service. You don’t need net banking or mobile banking for Post Office e-Passbook access. Every account holder can use it with 2F authentication.

  • On the India Post website or IPPB website (, click the e-passbook link.
  • Enter your mobile number and the captcha, then hit ‘Login’.
  • After clicking login, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile, enter the OTP and press ‘Submit’.
  • Choose the ‘e-Passbook’ option
  • Pick the type of scheme, enter your account number, mobile number, and the captcha, then click ‘Continue’.
  • Use the OTP sent to your mobile and click ‘Verify’.
  • After entering the OTP choose one of the following:
    • Balance check
    • Mini statement
    • Full statement

The Balance statement, mini statement, or full statement will show up. You can download or see the balance, mini or full statements.

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) Mobile App

Another method to check your savings account balance is the IPPB mobile application. You can check your balance by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the IPPB app from Google Play Store on your mobile
  • Open the app and enter your account number and customer ID
  • After entering account no. and customer ID you will receive an OTP on your mobile linked with your account number
  • Enter that OTP and registered yourself
  • Log in to the app and set MPIN, after logging in you can check your account balance.

Checking Balance Through SMS

Obtain your account balance via SMS. If you want to check your balance through SMS, you should have an SMS number for checking your Post Office Savings Account balance, and your mobile number must have registered for this service.

If your phone number isn’t registered in this service, then first register it by sending the “REGISTER” to 7738062873.

After completing the registration, send “BAL” to 7738062873 to inquire about your account balance. SMS facility doesn’t require an internet connection and works with all types of phones. Just ensure you have an active SMS pack on your mobile device.

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Checking Account Balance through a Missed Call

Check your Post Office account balance through a missed call facility on a toll-free number. If your phone number is registered for this service then you can give a missed call on the toll-free number, which is 8424046556.

  • By giving a missed call on 8424046556 you can make an inquiry about your savings account balance.
  • By giving a missed call on 8424046886 you can get a mini statement for your Post Office Savings Account.

Missed Call Service Features:

  • Missed call service is available 24/7 around the year
  • No internet connection is required to use this facility
  • This missed call facility to check account balance works on all mobile phones.

If your mobile number is not registered for missed call facility, then make a missed call on 8424054994 from your mobile linked with your account for registering your mobile number to use this method for account balance inquiry in the post office.

Phone Banking (IVR)

Access your bank account easily with phone banking, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. You can find out about your bank account.

Call 155299 (it’s toll-free) from the mobile number linked to your account and follow the instructions. Choose your preferred language and select the option for savings account details. Then, choose the option ‘get balance’ to check your account balance.

Currently, phone banking is available in 13 languages through the IVR system.

Online or Net banking

Online banking is one of the methods to check your post office account balance. If you have a net banking account, log in and check your balance, if you don’t follow the steps mentioned below to get registered.

First, you have to fill out a form at the post office to activate your net banking. After submitting a duly filled form you will receive a message about your activation of net banking after that:

  • Visit the official website of the post office at
  • Click on New User Activation
  • A new page will open where in the given fields enter your customer ID and Account No. and click on continue
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number, enter the OTP and click continue
  • After entering OTP, a new page will open where you have to set the Login and Transaction password and click continue.
  • Then click on “Go to Login Page”
  • Enter your User ID, solve the Captcha, and enter OTP.

Now you can see details about your account like balance, account number, linked mobile no., etc.


If you hold a savings account at the post office and seek to access your balance, various hassle-free methods are at your disposal. Post Office account balance inquiries can be accessed through various methods.

These methods include E-Passbook, SMS Banking, Net Banking, Phone Banking, etc. All these methods help account holders to manage their accounts without the need to visit the branch in person.

By using these methods account holders of the post office can check their account balance, transfer funds, download mini statements, and much more.

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