Revised Power Tariff Rate by JKPDD- Calculator -

Revised Power Tariff Rate by JKPDD- Calculator

Revised power tariff rates by JKPDD has been framed to alleviate the impact of a 15% tariff increase. The Jammu and Kashmir Power Development Department (PDD) circulate an order in this regard in November 2023. 

In the updated power tariff, effective from December 1, 2023, the removal of Electricity Duty (ED) applies to all consumer categories, including Domestic, Commercial, Industrial, and Agriculture.

This move follows the issuance of a new Tariff Order No. JERC/LAW-S/P/08 of 2023 & JERC /LAW-S/09 of 2023 Dated 21-11-2023, by the Joint Electricity Regulatory Commission (JERC), Jammu & Kashmir.

The JERC, following standard procedures and careful consideration, executed a 15% tariff hike while keeping fixed charges unchanged. Notably, the adjusted overall tariff rate remains lower than the actual procurement cost incurred by the corporations supplying power to consumers.

Consumers can refer to the tables below to observe the Tariff Rates for domestic metered and Flat Rate before and after December 2023. Additionally, calculators are available to assist consumers in calculating their monthly electricity bills based on the units consumed and load.

The consumers can see the Tariff Rates for Commercial Metered before and after December 2023 in the tables the below.

Commercial Metered Rates: 

Units Previous Tariff Rates up to November 2023 Revised Tariff Rates From December 2023
Up to 200 units Rs. 3.10 Rs. 3.55/unit
201 to 500 units Rs. 4.70/unit Rs. 5.40/unit
>500 units Rs. 5.10/unit Rs. 5.85/unit
Three Phase for All Units Rs. 5.10 Rs. 5.85
Fixed Charges
Single Phase Rs. 60.00/Kw/Month Rs. 60.00/Kw/Month
Three Phase Rs. 130.00/Kw/Month Rs. 130.00/Kw/Month

Calculator For Calculation of Bill



Energy Charges: Rs. 0.00

Load Charges: Rs. 0.00

Total Billed Amount : Rs. 0.00

The above calculator help commercial consumers of JKPDD to calculate their monthly electricity bills. The calculator is calculating bill as per the revised tariff rates by the JERC (Jammu&Kashmir). 

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