Post Office Savings Account Balance Inquiry

post office account balance check

If you have a savings account in the post office and want to know your balance then you can go to that branch office and update your passbook, but there are other methods through which post office savings account balance inquiry can be carried out. Post Office India provides several services

Indian Post Office Parcel Tracking

Post Office Parcel Tracking

Indian postal department provides several services to the general public nationwide. One such service is Indian post office parcel tracking. Parcel tracking plays a crucial role in the modern shipping industry, providing customers with real-time updates on the whereabouts of their packages.  In India, the Indian Postal System offers a reliable

Difference between ZIP and Postal Code

Difference between ZIP and Postal Code

What is the difference between ZIP and Postal code? For sending letters or other documents to different places of the world, there is always a specific address where everything is reached upon giving this address. The aim of mentioning zip and postal codes on documents or letters is to deliver

Postal Index Number of India: What  You Need to Know

Postal Index Number of India: What You Need to Know

Do you ever wonder what the postal index number of India means? Why do we need to write the Postal Index Number (PIN) on the letters or parcels when we send them through a courier company or the postal department? Why postal index number (PIN) is important? Pin code or postal