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Indian Post Office Parcel Tracking

Indian postal department provides several services to the general public nationwide. One such service is Indian post office parcel tracking. Parcel tracking plays a crucial role in the modern shipping industry, providing customers with real-time updates on the whereabouts of their packages. 

In India, the Indian Postal System offers a reliable and efficient parcel tracking service that ensures transparency and peace of mind for both senders and recipients.

With a vast network of post offices across the country, the Indian Postal System ensures that customers can monitor the movement of their packages from dispatch to delivery.

This comprehensive tracking service enhances convenience and reduces concerns about lost or delayed parcels. 

Post Office Parcel Tracking

How Indian Postal Parcel Tracking Works

Parcel tracking refers to monitoring a package’s movement from when it is dispatched to its final destination. 

The Indian Postal tracking system works on a unique tracking number assigned to every parcel. These tracking numbers consist of alphanumeric characters and can be used to track packages throughout the delivery process, from the post office to the final delivery point.

The Role of the Indian Postal Department in Package Tracking

The Indian Postal Department is responsible for maintaining a database of all the parcels being shipped within the country and oversees the logistics network through which packets are transported.

Types of Indian Postal Parcel Tracking Services

Post office tracking services:

Speed Post Tracking

The Speed Post Service is a premium service offered by the Indian Postal Department. It allows customers to ship documents and parcels quickly within India, with delivery times ranging from one to four business days.

Registered Mail Tracking

The Registered Mail Tracking Service is for customers who want to ship valuable items like jewelry and documents. This service provides an additional layer of security by requiring recipients to provide a signature upon delivery.

Express Parcel Tracking

Express Parcel Tracking Service is for customers who want to ensure fast and reliable delivery of their parcels within India. The service offers same-day and next-day delivery options while covering almost all parts of the country.

International Speed Post Tracking

International Speed Post Tracking Service enables customers to send parcels overseas securely. It offers various delivery options with varying delivery times, depending on the destination.

eMO Tracking (e Money Order)

eMO Tracking Service is an electronic money order service that allows customers to send and receive money safely and securely.

Logistics Post Tracking

Logistics Post Service is a premium service offered by the Indian Postal Department, catering to businesses’ logistics and supply chain management. The service provides end-to-end logistics solutions and is integrated with technological advancements to optimize delivery speeds and efficiency.

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Indian Post Office Parcel Tracking Number

Usually, the tracking number is a mixture of numbers and letters of 13 characters. The number starts with two capital letters, followed by nine numbers, and ends with two more capital letters.

The starting letters show the kind of shipment, such as Speed Post, registered mail, or standard delivery. The second letter and the following numbers are specific to the package itself.

The last two letters indicate the originating country’s postal service responsible for shipping the package. For instance, “IN” stands for India, “CN” for China, and “US” for the United States.

Example of tracking number:

“EA123456789IN” signifies a package sent via express Speed Post through India Post.

“RN123456789IN” denotes a small package shipped via registered mail through India Post.

“CT123456789IN” represents a standard package dispatched via India Post.

How to Track Indian Postal Parcel? 

Tracking a parcel through the Indian Postal System is a straightforward process. Here are the steps to track your parcel: 

  • Obtain the tracking number assigned to the parcel by the postal department 
  • Visit the Indian Postal Department’s official website
  • Enter the tracking number assigned to the parcel. 
  • After entering the tracking number in the designated field, click on the ”Track Now button
  • The current status and location of the parcel will be displayed.

Online Tracking

Online tracking is the most convenient method to track parcels through the Indian Postal system. Customers can visit the official website of the Indian Postal Department and enter their tracking number to get real-time updates.

SMS Tracking

SMS tracking is an option where customers can send an SMS with their tracking number to the Indian Postal Department and receive updates on their parcels via SMS.

Call Service Tracking

Call Service tracking is a paid service where customers can call the Indian Postal Department’s customer care number at 1800 266 6868 and receive updates on their parcels over the phone.

Mobile App tracking

Mobile App tracking is another convenient method where customers can download the Indian Postal Department’s mobile from the Google Play store and track their parcels.

Third-Party Parcel Tracking Apps

Apart from the official Indian Postal app, several third-party mobile applications offer parcel tracking services. These apps include 17TRACK, Track Checker, and Parcel Monitor. 

Benefits of Indian Postal Parcel Tracking

Convenience and ease of parcel tracking: The Indian Postal Parcel Tracking system provides customers the comfort and ease of tracking parcels through multiple options, making it effortless to keep track of shipments from anywhere.

Security and reliability of parcel delivery: The Indian Postal Department maintains a database of all parcels shipped within the country, enabling customers to track the location and status of their parcels in real-time, thus ensuring reliable and secure delivery.

Cost-effective parcel delivery solutions for businesses: The Indian Postal Department provides affordable and cost-effective parcel delivery solutions for companies that can be customized to their specific logistics needs.

Tips For Indian Postal Parcel Tracking

Consistency in naming and address: Customers should ensure consistency in spelling the recipient’s name and address to avoid any delivery issues.

Proper packaging: Proper packaging is essential to prevent damage or loss to the parcel during transit.

Tracking notifications and alerts: Customers should opt for tracking notifications and alerts to receive updates on their parcels’ status and location.

Online payments and booking: Customers can save time and effort by making online payments and booking their parcels online.

Challenges of Indian Postal Parcel Tracking

Delayed deliveries: Delayed deliveries can occur due to various reasons like weather conditions, technical glitches, or unforeseen circumstances, which can have an impact on the delivery timeline.

Limited tracking information: Limited tracking information is available, and it’s possible that the Indian Postal Parcel Tracking system won’t update specific positions, especially in rural areas.

Real-time tracking updates not being made: Customers may need help precisely tracking their packages when only partial real-time tracking updates are available.


Indian Post Office parcel tracking is an efficient service for customers to track their shipments. The tracking system facilitates a customer to keep an on the packages from sending location to destination with the help of a parcel tracking code.

Following the step-by-step process and using the available tools like the post office’s official website, mobile app, or SMS service, you can track your consignment anytime from the comfort of your home or workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some FAQs regarding parcel tracking 

How long does it take to deliver a package in India?

The kind of service chosen will affect how quickly a package is delivered. The Indian Postal Department offers various services, with delivery timeframes for domestic goods ranging from one to four business days and for international shipments from seven to twenty-one days. 

What should I do if my parcel is lost or delayed?

In case of lost or delayed parcels, customers can file a complaint with the Indian Postal Department’s customer care portal or visit the nearest post office to complain.

How to file a complaint regarding parcel tracking?

Customers can file a complaint regarding parcel tracking by visiting the Indian Postal Department’s official website and filling out the complaint form.

What is the maximum weight limit for a parcel in India?

The maximum weight limit for a parcel in India is 35 kg for domestic and 20kg for international shipments.

Are there any prohibited items that cannot be shipped through the Indian Postal system?

The Indian Postal Department prohibits shipping explosives, firearms, chemicals, flammable materials, and narcotics.

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