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India Post International Courier Service

India Post International Courier service is a service, provided by the Department of Posts (DOP) India. The Indian Postal Department is the largest postal system in the world. The department has been the communication backbone and played an important role in the development of social-economic development of the country.

Several courier companies are there in India that deliver parcels from one place to another place but one of the best courier services is the Indian Postal courier service to send a courier. Via India post courier service a courier can be sent through two ways: speed post and registered post. 

Speed post provides a tracking feature through which a customer can check and track his courier status.

What is India Post International Courier Service? 

Through India Post international courier service you can send a courier to another country. The department provides this service for companies and individuals to provide them with cost-effective and fast goods service. Air parcels, routed for international dentations can be booked at all post offices of India post throughout the country. 

For air package tracking online track and trace facility is also provided by India Post for the customers.  

Parcels without customs restrictions in kind can be easily booked and delivered to the destination within the specified time. The documents which are classified as First Class mail have the privilege of forwarding them as quickly as possible at no extra cost.

If you get insurance for your article, more care will be taken for the parcel when transmitting via the service. The International Speed Post service of India Post is the cheapest and most reliable service for sending a courier abroad.

Also, international post is subject to delivery standards. It generally takes 3 to 9 days for different countries.

How Much Do India Post Charges for International Shipping (per Kg)? 

India Post International parcel rates depend on the parcel weight, dimensions, and the country to which you are sending the parcel. 

For example, if you want to send a speed post from India to the US with documents weighing 1kg and dimensions of 30x15x15 cm, the charges you have to pay for this parcel are INR 2371.80. The rate is calculated according to the calculator provided by

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India Post International Courier Tracking

India Post also provides a courier tracking feature to track your consignment. You can check your consignment number online at which you will receive when your register a courier with India Post. 

This feature will enable you to know the status of your consignment. 

What Things Are Not Allowed in India Post International Air Parcel?

Anything that is generally prohibited from being sent by national mail is also prohibited from being sent or received from abroad. International treaties also impose most of these restrictions.

Under international Air Parcel, the India Post does not accept the following items for sending them abroad or accept them from abroad.

  • Anything, books, or papers that are published in violation of applicable law.
  • Inappropriate or obscene material of any kind like prints, paintings, cards, lithographs, books, photographs, engravings, or other or inappropriate objects.
  • Newspaper, postcard, letter, package, or parcel containing or on the cover having any kind of any obscene,  rebellious, blatant, threatening, or offensive word, sign, or pattern.
  • All explosive, flammable, hazardous, dirty, or hazardous materials.
  • Organisms or other objects that are harmful or can damage postal or other material.
  • Design of tickets or advertising or anything else related to lotteries, except for lotteries organized or authorized by the state.

For full details about prohibiting items refer to India

Forms Used for Sending International Parcels With India Post 

  • CN22 and CN23: These forms contain information about the parcel to be shipped. 
  • CN 23: This is a custom form, and is used when you send goods and gift items abroad having a value below £270 (27,262.86 INR) with Royal Mail.
  • CN23: This is also a custom form. The form it is used when you send goods and gift items abroad having a value above £270 with Royal Mail.

Address Details and Other Things 

While sending a parcel abroad it is recommended that city and country name should be written in the English language. It is also recommended that if the destination country uses other letters and figures the name and address should also be written in these letters and figures.  

The address must contain the following information:

  • Recipient’s name
  • Country name
  • Name of the district, state, department, etc
  • State, province, department name, etc  
  • House number and name if any
  • Flat or apartment number, floor number, and possibly block number
  • Street name or name of road or locality or place name
  • Delivery area code or postal code number

Packing Tips While Sending a Parcel

  • Each package must be packed and sealed taking into account the weight and nature of the contents, the mode of transport, and journey length
  • The consignment should be packed and sealed in such a way that it will protect the contents from damage by pressure or repeated handling. The sealing must also be such that contents cannot be tampered with without leaving obvious traces of tampering.
  • Securely prepare each parcel if it has to go over long distances or if it has to undergo several transshipments or handlings. 
  • The consignment must also be protected from major climate changes, temperature, or, in the case of air transport, form atmospheric pressure
  • The parcel must be packed in such a way that it should not endanger workers’ health and prevent accidents or injuries to the handler who is called upon to handle it or damage the other packages or postal equipment
  • There shall be sufficient space on the package wrapping for writing instructions of service and for affixing stamps and labels

The following items are accepted without packaging:

  • Products that can be joined or held together with strong lead or other seals to form a single unit package.
  • One-piece parcels like wood, metal, etc., the packaging of which is not a custom practice.


Indian postal department provides domestic as well as international mail services. Through its 1, 56, 721 post offices it provides postal services to the people of the country. The India Post international courier service is dedicated to international consignments. 

Through this service, customers can send parcels to other countries from India with reliable service and at an affordable rate. Parcels can be booked at any Indian post office for sending abroad. Insurance, trace, and track facility are also provided by the Indian postal department for the consignment. 

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