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Union Bank of India Vyom Mobile App

The Union Bank of India provides several online services to its customers one service is the Union Bank of India Vyom mobile app. Vyom mobile application helps account holders of Union Bank to do banking using their mobile phones.

With Vyom, you can see all your accounts and transactions in one place. You can get special offers through this mobile app, and it’s easy to ask for a credit card or a loan. Account holders can invest in mutual funds and also get insurance through this app with a few taps on their phones.

You can even book flights, hotels, and cabs, and pay bills using Vyom mobile app. There are special deals just for the app users!

You can also choose how the app looks with two themes called Snow and Sand.

Union Bank Vyom Mobile App

Union Bank of India Mobile App

The Union Bank of India has different apps for mobile banking that serves various customer needs – U-Token (OTP generation application), U-ATM (Nearest ATM locator, Branch, and Branch’s IFSC code), Bharat QR Merchant (To receive payments from the merchant without having the need for traditional POS), and e-Circular Union Bank (displays all circulars of Union Bank of India).

To make things less confusing with many apps, the bank now offers a single solution for all mobile banking needs. People with accounts can use a specific app called the Union Bank of India Vyom mobile app for most of their mobile banking services.

Features and Benefits of the Union Bank Mobil App

  • You can use your phone to do banking with this app.
  • Pay using UPI, pay bills, and send money fast. Open deposits online easily.
  • Get small business loans without paperwork: Shishu, Kishore, Tarun, and Nari Shakti Mudra loans.
  • You can also quickly get a loan against your deposit. If you want to study, there are loans for that too.
  • If you have a savings account or a pensioner account, you might get special loan offers.
  • Farmers can get the Kisan Credit Card. You can also ask for a new credit card using the app.
  • You can book flights, hotels, cabs, and buses. And you can invest in something called mutual funds.
  • Keep yourself safe with insurance. You can even use the app for government schemes like PPF & SSA.
  • Change how the app looks with themes. You can make it fit by adding up to 9 quick tasks.
  • See your money and loans quickly. You can do things like block your card or ask for a new one, request a checkbook, and more.
  • Look at your accounts and loans together. And there’s even more you can do!

How to Register for Vyom Mobile App

  • To register for the Vyom app. download the application from Google Play Store onto your mobile phone.
  • After downloading and launching the application, you will be prompted to choose your preferred language for the user interface.
  • If you are using two sim cards in your device, select the SIM you want to use, and subsequently, agree to the terms and conditions presented.
  • After selecting the SIM an automated SMS will be sent to the eligible SIM card you have selected to activate your account.
  • After activating the account, you will need to set a login PIN to secure your account this can be done through one of three methods:
  1. Using your debit card information.
  2. Your Internet banking identification.
  3. A unique branch token is provided to you.
  • In addition, for added convenience and security, some devices offer the option to enable biometric recognition for logging in. This feature, if available on your device, enables you to use your fingerprint or other biometric data to access your account effortlessly.

With these steps completed, you are now fully prepared to experience the convenience of having banking services readily accessible at your fingertips through the application.

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Eligibility for UBI Vyom Mobile App

The Vyom app is accessible to bank customers who hold Savings (SB), Current (CD), or Overdraft (OD) accounts and possess a valid Debit Card, Internet Banking, or a Branch Token. It’s essential that the account is compliant with KYC (Know Your Customer) regulations.

However, entities such as Companies, and Partnership Firms are ineligible to utilize the services offered by Vyom.

How to Transfer Money to a Third Party Through Vyom

To transfer money, navigate to the “Fund Transfer” page. You can perform a Fund Transfer by adding the third party as a beneficiary, or by executing a Fund Transfer without adding the third party as a beneficiary, using the Quick Fund Transfer feature with a maximum daily transaction limit.

How to Add Beneficiary?

To add a third party as a beneficiary, access the Fund Transfer section and then select the “Manage Payee” option for adding a beneficiary. Add beneficiary details such as name, account No. IFSC code, etc.

How to Set Transaction Limit in the Union Bank Using Vyom App.

By using the Union Bank of India Vyom mobile app you can set a transaction limit for your account. Transaction limit procedure is simple and easy, here the process to set a transaction limit:

  • Open the Vyom app on your mobile device. Enter your login PIN to access your account securely.
  • Proceed by scrolling downward within the app’s interface. Locate and select the ‘Value Added Services’ option from the available menu.
  • Within the subsequent screen, locate and tap on the ‘Personalize Transaction Limit’ feature.
  • Inside this section, you will be presented with the option to customize transaction limits for various types of transactions, such as IMPS, NEFT, Intra-bank Transfers, UPI, and bill payments or recharges.
  • Navigate through these options by scrolling and proceed to adjust your desired transaction limits according to your preferences.
  • Once you have defined your transaction limits, finalize the process by clicking on the ‘Proceed’ option.
  • After clicking on proceed option a confirmation page will appear on your screen. Thoroughly review the provided details. If the provided details are correct, proceed by selecting the ‘Confirm’ option to affirm your choices.
  • To authenticate your transaction limit modification, you will be prompted to input your four-digit transaction PIN.
  • Upon completion of these steps, your transaction limit adjustment will be successfully implemented for your Union Bank of India account through the Vyom app.

What is the Maximum Transfer Amount through Vyom App.?

The maximum amount you can transfer through the Vyom app per day is Rs. 10,00,000. You can view the various fund transfer limits such as NEFT, IMPS, etc. in the app’s Fund Transfer Section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What features are offered on VYOM?

Vyom app facilitates customers to check their account balances, obtain mini statements, and perform money transfers to both Union bank accounts and accounts in other banks using methods such as NEFT, IMPS, and more. They can also halt cheques, inquire about cheque statuses, and access branch/ATM locations, among other functionalities.

Will there be any charges for utilizing the app?

Currently, there are no fees associated with using the VYOM App for customers. However, your mobile operator might impose charges for GPRS/SMS usage.

If I switch to a different mobile device, can I still use the VYOM App?

If you happen to change your mobile device, you will need to download the application again on your new mobile device and complete the process of verifying your SIM.

What kind of mobile device is compatible with the VYOM app?

The VYOM App is compatible with mobile devices that operate on the following Operating Systems: iPhone/iOS version 12.1 and above, Android version 5.2 and above.

Can I access the VYOM app on two devices simultaneously?

No, to ensure the security of your account, the application can only be used on a single mobile device.

If I forgotten my Login PIN. What should I do?

If you’ve forgotten your Login PIN, you can reset it by clicking on the “Having trouble logging in” icon located on the login page.

How can I change the language of the Vyom app?

To change the language of the app, navigate to the “Settings” section within the hamburger menu and select the “Change Language” option.

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