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SBI Bank Two Wheeler Loan

The State Bank of India (SBI) is the largest PSU bank in India. It offers its customers SBI two wheeler loans. The SBI bank two wheeler loan is the bank’s one of the latest steps to offer various banking services at the doorsteps of customers.

Many people want to buy a two-wheeler (scooty, bike, or superbike) because it is very useful for business or to travel from one place to another. On the other hand, it is economical and gives its owner extra miles.

But sometimes, due to a lack of funds, individuals cannot afford to buy a two-wheeler. So to own a two-wheeler you can take a loan from SBI to purchase a scooty or a superbike.

SBI Two-Wheeler Loan Features and Benefits

  • You can use this loan to purchase a new two-wheeler of any kind
  • This loan can be used to buy scooty, superbike, motorcycles, scooters, and two-wheelers running on battery 
  • Co-applicants income can be clubbed to increase eligibility. 
  • Minimum required documentation
  • Applicants who want to purchase superbikes will receive up to 90% financing if they are customers of the SBI salary package/wealth/HNI.

Maximum Loan Amount under Two-Wheeler Loan Scheme

  • Rs. 30, 000 is the minimum loan amount and greater than 2.50 lakh is the maximum amount (Loan amount greater than 2.5 lakh is for Superbike).
  • For Employees: The maximum amount of the loan provided is limited to six times the employee’s net monthly income (i.e. with all deductions, including actual monthly tax deductions at source).
  • For others Persons: The maximum amount of loan provided to other individuals will be limited to 50% of the annual net income according to ITR, after deduction of depreciation and repayments of all existing loans.

SBI Two Wheeler Loan Process:

SBI Bank Two Wheeler Loan Eligibility

Given below are the eligibility requirements for the SBI two-wheeler loan: 

  • Borrower’s age should be between 21-65 years.


  • For salaried persons: Rs 1.5 lakh minimum for bikes and Rs 2.5 lakh for a superbike.
  • For agriculturists, annual net income should be Rs. 4 lakh.


  • Permanent central government department, state government department employees, registered private sector companies, PSUs, and salary account maintained corporations. 
  • Entrepreneurs or professionals who have maintained an SB /CA/ Term deposits account from one year. 
  • TI assesses and agriculturists having SB /CA/ time deposit account from year
  • An agriculturist who has one-year SB / CA/time deposits. 
  • Current SBI customers borrow having a satisfactory repayment history.
  • Holding company or joint venture.

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Documents Required for SBI Two-Wheeler Loan

For General Customers:

  • Duly filled application form. 
  • Last six months bank account statement of the applicant.
  • Signature identification of the applicant from the bank records.
  • Identification proof of the applicant like PAN card, Voter ID card, Passport. 
  • Residential address proof like a tax receipt, telephone bill, electricity bill, passport. 
  • Two photographs of passport size. 

For Professionals/Self-Employed:

  • Copies of the income tax return for the last two financial years approved by the Income Tax Office (ITO) 
  • Offices address proof for non-salaried individuals.

For Salaried Persons:

  • Recent pay-slip with Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) certificate, Form 16, and all kinds of deductions. 

What is the Repayment Period and Processing Fee of Two Wheeler Loan? 

The maximum repayment period is up to 3 years. Processing fees for the loan is 2 percent of the loan amount plus GST. The minimum processing fee is Rs.1,000/ plus GST.  

SBI Two Wheeler Loan Apply Online

You can apply for a two-wheeler loan online by following the below-mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official website of the State Bank of India 
  • Click on the Loans tab from the home page of the site
  • After clicking on loans a dropdown menu will open, click on Auto Loans
  • The next page will open where you will see options Super Bike Loan Scheme, SBI Two-Wheeler Loan Scheme.
  • Now click on Apply Now button of the scheme for which you want to apply
  • After clicking on the apply button you will be redirected to another page where you have to fill in the details.
  • A representative from the SBI will get in touch with you by mail or phone

SBI Bank Two Wheeler Loan Interest Rate

The interest rate for an SBI two-wheeler loan is:

  • For superbike loans interest rate is 3.25 percent above 1-year MCLR (Marginal Cost of Funds based Lending Rate) i.e. 10.25 percent per annum.
  • For two-wheeler loans interest rate is 16.25 percent to 18 percent per annum. 


SBI two-wheeler loan is for those individuals who want to own a bike or superbike for their day-to-day needs. Many individuals want to purchase a bike or superbike but due to financial conditions, they are not able to purchase one. 

But such a person can now buy a bike or superbike through the SBI bank two wheeler loan scheme. The scheme aims to provide the necessary capital to purchase a bike or a superbike. By fulfilling the necessary conditions laid down by the SBI for this scheme your can also apply for this two-wheeler loan scheme.

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