Fastest Courier Services from India to UK -

Fastest Courier Services from India to UK

It is essential to have a proper courier service if you want to ensure the successful and uninterrupted delivery of your package or item. To send items from India to the UK there should be the fastest courier services from India to UK to deliver your parcels on time.

UK and India have had ties for more than 300 years. In fact, in the UK there is a good portion of the population having Indian origin. As a result, even non-Indians come to India and embraced Indian culture and food.

Although different destinations have multiple shipments around the world per year, the goods movement between India and the United Kingdom (UK) is one of the highest in the world.

Shipping, customs issues, and solutions are unique between Indian and British industries compared to other global industries. As a result, there is a need to have a reliable courier service to the UK from India so that your shipment can be delivered on time and without too many problems.

Fastest Courier Services from India to UK

UBT Express

UBT Express offers the best courier service at low prices with the well-known DHL and FedEx that ship quickly and handles your package carefully. They value privacy and they do everything to protect customer’s confidential documents.

According to them, they ship your items from India to the UK to reduce the pressure of courier delivery to the UK by giving a good discount on your package. Their courier service is standard and reliable. You do not need to worry about sending the package to the UK.

It doesn’t matter if you want to send your documents/packages from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Punjab, or any other part to the UK, they offer free pickup from all over India. Through UBT Express gifts can also be sent from India to the UK.

The fee of the courier service starts from Rs. 190 per kg and can go up to Rs. 1200 per kg, depending on the country and weight of the goods you are sending.

Fastway Express

Customized courier solutions are offered by Fastway Express for different sectors or individuals who want to send surplus luggage, goods, packages, food items, and other things. Their courier service from India to the UK has a good reputation in the courier industry, and they are promised to deliver your goods on time and with safety. 

No matter if you are an importer, exporter, traveler, or anyone else who wants to send the goods, their international courier service is good. Whether you want to send electronics, clothing, medicine, personal belongings, or any other thing, they have customized solutions that you need to effectively handle your distribution requirements. 

They offer free pickup from a customer’s home, packaging services, and home delivery when the product arrives at its final destination.

Dwarka Courier

Dwarka Courier is another fastest courier services from India to UK and is among the cheapest courier service from India to the UK. They provide the cheapest way to transport packages from India to the UK. Several things are there which they courier from India to the UK every day, to the UK your couriers need a secure delivery service that can deliver the packages from India to the UK. 

Dwarka in India provides free packaging and pickup with proper documentation, including safe shipping for shipments to the UK. They provide an online system for tracking packages after they ship items from India to the UK.

They offer the cheapest courier service from India to the UK. You can schedule a free pick up to deliver the shipment from India to the UK. You can get the courier service from India to Great Britain with the lowest courier costs.

Using their real-time parcel tracking system you can also track the movement of your package from India to the UK. For managing your shipment they also provide customer support services in India.

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To send items all you need to do is some clicks and the details of the address and country. And that’s it – your parcel will be delivered to the receiver at the other end. No matter if the length is 11469 km, it is still dependable, low cost, and simple.

When using the ParcelABC service, you do not need to stand in queues like at conventional post offices, and with low shipping cost. You do not need to worry whether the delivery will arrive at the recipient or not. From India to the UK all shipments are covered by standard insurance (up to 25 Euros) and by additional insurance of ParcelABC.  

ParcelABC brings together dozens of local and international operators and always selects the best delivery routes.

Therefore, you may not need to search for information and comparing prices when searching for the cheapest courier service from India to the UK. All you have to do is enter your country and city information and then you will see how much time it will take for delivery, and how much it will cost.

Whether you are a businessman, student, traveler, etc, ParcelABC ensures cheap, reliable, and fast delivery of your shipments from India to the UK. It may take less time than expected for delivery, and the receiver will be happy upon receiving the shipment.

Transglobal Express

This courier service has been offering cheap package delivery from India to the UK for more than 20 years via some of the world’s known carriers such as DHL, UPS, and TNT. Since they started operations in 1993, they have been providing high-quality low-cost shipping services, helping individuals, shippers, and SMEs to send and receive items from India. 

Whether you want to import clothes to Delhi, documents to Punjab, or books to any other part, their range of discounted package delivery services is sure to offer something for you. They are UK based and have thousands of customers worldwide. 

With their easy-to-use online booking facility, you can book parcel delivery from India to the UK. Just fill out the offer form stating the weight and dimensions of the package/shipment you are trying to send and you can immediately compare different courier services. 

As part of their booking process, they prepare all the documents you need for your shipment – just make sure that your UK collection points have access to those documents before they are collected, and then you can track your package at every stage until it reached its destination.


When sending parcels to any part of the world it must reach their destination with safety and on time. When you send items through a courier company it is necessary that the company should have low rates. And can deliver the items to their destination within the given time frame.

The above courier services are some of the fastest courier services from India to UK. These services can deliver the items from India to the UK with low fees and on time. According to them they also provide some discount for their customers. Before choosing a courier service you must do thoro research by yourself.

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