List of International Courier Services in India -

List of International Courier Services in India

List of International Courier Services in India- Courier service is a service that helps you deliver packages from one place to another, nationally or internationally. whether it’s for your business or personal belongings. 

Professional courier services work to deliver packages at all levels, national, international, cities, or towns.

Popular courier companies differ from regular postal services in features such as speed, security, tracking, specialized express service, and fast delivery times, which are optional for daily mail service.

In India, several courier services provide international courier services from India to the USA, UK, Canada, and many other countries.

International Shipping Companies in India

Here we make a list of international courier services in India. These courier services are some of the best international courier companies in India for reliable service.

FedEx Express      

We may have all heard about this logistics giant. FedEx, one of the fastest and a reliable international courier services, has been at the top since 1971. The company generated $ 65.450 billion in revenue in 2018.

The company relies on its current motto: “We live to delivery,” and stands behind it, making overseas ships a reliable option.


Another veteran in the industry, this German-based courier service has gained a reputation as one of the best international courier services in the world. Fast, convenient, and reliable; DHL is very satisfying in all three.

DHL also sponsors Manchester United, one of the world’s best football clubs.

The Company has been active in marketing campaigns that highlight its reputation as one of the best.

A business or private person can get an Estimated Quote to send a parcel from India to any other international destination through DHL.


This group of carriers has been operating in Dubai since 1982. In 1987, Aramex joined FedEx as one of its clients, making it the ideal starting point for successful years. The company offers the Express Export package, which makes it easier for e-retailers and owners to ship their items abroad.

Aramex delivers your products to more than 220 countries and ensures that your company reaches even the most remote places.


DTDC Express Limited is an Indian company that processes more than 12 million shipments per month. As an Indian company, DTDC has properly built a significant customer base. Their service quality is good, and the item arrives at its destination on time.

If you want to select a local service provider to deliver your products, you can select DTDC, one of the fastest international courier services in India’s list of international courier services.

Ecom Express

The company offers its clients comprehensive international business packages. Ecom Express has a wide network of transport partners. These shipping partners ensure fast and secure transportation of international-bound packages.

Not just this, Ecom Express company also has a great system for tracking your parcels. Overall, the company can be an easy and cheap alternative for your international courier needs.

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E Com Shipping Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

If you are in the international trading business and looking for a reliable long-term carrier, search no further. The slogan explains everything, “you sell, we ship.” E Com Shipping Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a specialized company that will take care of your shipments smoothly and effortlessly.

E Com Shipping Solutions has it all: fast delivery, affordable packages, a product tracking system, and a good balancing plan.

TNT Courier

FedEx’s subsidiary, TNT, is an international courier service provider that provides the best quality of service. TNT’s headquarter is in the Netherlands. The company makes business shipping convenient and affordable.

The company also offers personalized prices to customers who use their service often.

TNT is a great choice for Indian companies, especially those that supply products to the United States, Germany, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Italy, and of course, the Netherlands.

Delhivery Courier Service

Delhivery is a famous name in India. The company provides excellent service to its customers. You can choose Delhivery courier service to send products overseas or use their services for one-time transactions, such as sending gifts to relatives.

This service is an affordable and convenient option and one of the best international courier service providers in this list of international courier services in India.

Blue Dart Courier Service

Blue Dart is another local Indian courier company based in Chennai known to most people. Known for its excellent quality of service, the company promises fast and guaranteed delivery inside and outside India.

The courier service is more than a slightly more expensive alternative to the Indian postal services of your choice when you are in a hurry; this company excels in logistics operations for small and medium enterprises.

Blue Dart Courier Services hips to approximately 220 countries and has access to a variety of shipping routes, providing the best option for package delivery.

Gati Ltd.

Gati Ltd was established in 1989 with headquarters in Hyderabad, India. The company is a leader in fast distribution and supply chain solutions. Gati Ltd. has a good presence in SAARC countries and the Asia-Pacific region. It is one of the best courier companies in India.

The company provides warehousing, shipping, trade, cold chain, e-commerce, and compliance services. Gati has offices in every major Indian city and operates in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Nepal, and Thailand. It provides an IT-integrated multi-purpose network.

The company also offers exclusive business-to-consumer (B2C) services such as Laabh, Bike Express, and Student Express.

The Professional Couriers

The Professional courier was established in 1987. The courier company operates throughout India. It serves government agencies, multinational corporations, public sector companies, financial institutions, and educational institutions.

It is one of the best international shipping companies in India. The Professional Couriers is headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Professional Couriers has more than 20 regional offices, an employee base of more than 20,000, and an extensive network covering more than 200 countries. The courier company has established offices and branches in New York USA, Singapore, Kuwait, and Dubai-UAE.


The above list of international courier services in India are some of the best courier companies in India and offer assistance to parties and individuals by providing the best, cheap, and most timely courier service.

These companies help anyone anytime by providing their courier service. And these are some of the best and leading courier service companies in India.

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