India Post Speed Post Tracking: India Post Tracking

India post speed post tracking of packages is a facility provided by India post to check the domestic and international package status.

It is a better way to track and check the status of your parcels online. You can also track and check the current status of your passport delivery.

Online speed post tracking provided by India post is an ideal way to track the parcel status sent through the speed post service of India post.

Speed post is an express mail service (EMS) through which parcels and consignments are delivered to any part of the country within five days with a guarantee. 

After sending parcels to domestic or international locations through speed post, you can track the status of your package online through the India post tracking feature. 

Post Office Speed Post Tracking System

Can you track the status of your packages online? yes you can, there is a way; India post speed post tracking is such a system. The speed post tracking system of India post is an ideal way to follow and check the status of consignments you send through the speed post service of India post.  

The speed post service of India post is an express mail service (EMS). This service guarantees the delivery of your parcel in any part of India within five days.

You can use the India post-EMS speed post service to send a package to an international location. After sending the parcel, you can track and check the package status with the help of the India post online package tracking system.  

You can use India post tracking features for domestic and international packages to check their status. To check the package status using the India post-EMS tracking feature, you need to use the AWB (airwaybill) number provided by the post office where you have booked your package. 

This way, you can track and check the package’s status from origin to destination.

How to Track Consignment Online?

Checking your package status through the live website is the best and preferred way. You will get the maximum accuracy through this method; this is reliable, fast, and easy. Besides, this is a cheap and excellent way. 

Whenever you want to check the status of your shipment, you need to take the consignment number slip you provided by the post office at the time of shipment registration. This slip contains a 13-digit code consisting of alphabets and numbers.

You can go to to check the status of your parcels. These sites help people to track the status of their domestic or international consignments. Tracking registered posts, the position of money orders, etc., can also be checked there.

India post speed post tracking is easy to use. You have to follow the steps mentioned below to track the status of your package:

  • First, you should have the tracking number of the package. You will find the number on the booking receipt.
  • You have to enter a 13-digit barcode printed on the receipt in the search box provided there. 
  • Now press the button, and you will see the current status of your consignment.

India Post Tracking Using SMS Service

You can also use the SMS service launched by India post for customers to check the current status of their packages. This service is handy for those customers who do not have access to the internet. Important points to remember to track your package through SMS are as under:

  • SMS (Short Message Service) is case-sensitive, so all letters should be in the capital only. 
  • You can track the status of parcels on all mobile networks in India
  • Your service provider charges you for SMS according to current rates
  • From the booking date of the package availability of shipment, the status is up to 60 days

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Consignment Number 

The consignment or tracking number is a unique number assigned to each package. This number helps to track the status of a shipment online.

The tracking number of the consignment or package is related to a barcode. It is the identity of your parcel, and as the shipment starts its journey from origin to destination, this code is scanned. This code is your parcel’s permanent tracking number, and you get this number when you book the package at any Indian post office. 

Whenever anyone books a package in any Indian post office, the office assigns the package with a printed unique tracking/reference number. It is attached to the shipment at the top of the barcode.  

This consignment number is unique for every package, and all the package details are contained in this number. The consignment number is recorded in the database of the central server of India Post, which means all the details of the consignment are recorded on that server. 

If sometimes you will not find the details of your package, that means the consignment number is not yet uploaded to the server database. 

Speed Post Tracking Number Formats

You must enter the correct number format to track your package. Different tracking number formats of the India post are as follows:

   Category    Format        No of Digits
Speed post (Domestic)         EE097456789IN         13
International EMS parcels (to deliver to India) EE987256789XX 13
eMO (Electronic money order)         000000000000000000      18
Registered post-           RX987654321IN     13
Express parcel post           XX000000000XX   13


Speed post service from India post provides fast delivery for domestic and international consignments. Speed post delivers packages within five days and around every corner of India.

It also serves around the world. Express, premium, and time-bound for documents and merchandise are also offered by the India post.

You can track your packages through the India post speed post tracking service. Compared to other courier service providers in India, speed post from India post is more comprehensive, reliable, and cheap. You can check the current package status online or through SMS service.  

The package costing Rs. 15.00 up to 50 grams around India is an affordable, economical, and reliable service for every customer. 


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