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Central Government Computer Courses Scheme

Central Government Computer Courses Scheme: In this age of science and technology, computer education has become an essential part of every profession. Today, computer programs are at the forefront of almost every aspect of our lives. We have entered the virtual world and we are so used to it that it is no longer possible to take a step back.

Computers today are used almost everywhere. The process of learning or teaching computers is called computer education. This education contains basic computer system knowledge, skills, ideas, and basic computer system-related terminology.

This also covers the advantages and disadvantages of a computer, the possibilities of a computer system, how a computer can be used to solve various problems in everyday life, or how a computer can be programmed to solve a big problem.

Central Government Computer Courses Scheme

The Necessity of Computer Education

The government has a vision that by 2020 everything in India will be digitized. Being a digital country means a lot to the nation. Digitization is a sign of the development of the nation and can make the nation more advanced. In addition, citizens can get numerous benefits from digitalization.

It will make the work much easier for citizens who can take care of them in their time, in their place. It will also mean the practice of e-government. This means to pay your taxes like property tax, road tax, utility bills, etc you do not need to go to the respective offices for these works you can pay these taxes online from your home. [1]

You just need to go online from your computer or your mobile device and that’s it. In fact, digitization is a good development. That is the vision that the government sees through Digital India. Of course, we understand the benefits of a digital view of India. 

However, citizens can take benefits from the benefits of digitization only if they have computer knowledge. Therefore the government of India aims to develop computer skills among the people of the country as part of digital India.

For this purpose, the government has drawn up several key plans. These plans are aimed at developing franchisees as part of the Techinaut Institute of Technology franchise. This will help develop a large number of franchises through them millions of people of the country will take benefit.

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What is Computer Courses Scheme under PMKVY?

Under PMKVY the central government computer courses scheme is one of the plans to provide computer education to the people of the country. Under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY), the flagship of the Ministry of Skills Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) you can get a computer institute franchise. 

By placing the affiliate in the program, you can get a government computer education franchise. PMKVY is a Skill Competency Certification Program in India. Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana aims to provide professional skill training to the Indian youth. 

If any Indian citizen wants to run PMKVY institute he can contact the Techinaut Institute of Technology to manage the institute.

A big question we may think about is that under this scheme how one can open a computer institute franchise? If you think that opening a computer education institute under PMKVY is a difficult job, then you are wrong.

Or if you think that the conditions for opening a franchise may require a large investment, then here you are also wrong. You can open a computer education institute easily without complications. The requirements in this case are quite normal.

The owner of the franchisee can start the institute with the least investment amount of Rs. 10,000 and in the area of ​​300 square meters. This means that you can start a computer institute under PKVY in a small room that can accommodate four to five people. Yes, it is that easy. 

You can start with just four computers. The necessary thing is that the franchisee has sufficient computer knowledge and previous experience in the computer field. The best part of this scheme is that there are no hidden costs or fees. There are also a huge number of computer courses.

Registration of Franchisee under PMKVY

You may be now thinking that how to register a computer institute under the central government computer courses scheme. It’s again as simple as opening and running a franchise. You just need to fill the registration form duly and sent it to the Techinaut Institute of Technology, which is part of the PMKVY program.  

After the Techinaut Institute of Technology receives the registration form, the institute shares all the details via email. Once this registration document of the institute is received, which includes the form of validation of center, photos of center, identity proof, address proof, center validation fee, etc. 

These documents are sent to the designated authority by the institute. Upon completion of the final inspection of the institute, approval is given. 


Computers have a very important place in our lives. We can’t imagine today’s world without computers. They are used in all fields to facilitate work. The work is done efficiently by computers and takes less time.

The computer has great importance and has created a need for computer education. As computer use increases, so does computer education. The usage of computers is growing day by day in every field so everyone should have computer knowledge.

For this purpose, the central government computer courses scheme is one such plan that is framed to provide computer education to the people of the country. So that people can move forward and compete with the outside world. 

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