Jammu Kashmir Bank Balance Check Methods

The Jammu Kashmir bank balance check can be done through mobile banking, internet banking, SMS, or ATM service.

Jammu Kashmir bank is a public-sector bank. The bank started operations in J&K state in 1938 (now a union territory). The then head of the state Maharaja Hari Singh founded the J&K Bank to provide banking facilities to the state people.

The headquarter of J&K bank is in Srinagar (M.A. Road). The bank is one of the oldest banks in India and is listed on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).

The bank provides modern banking facilities like internet banking, mobile banking, ATM services, etc., to its customers.

Jammu Kashmir Bank Account Balance Check

Jammu & Kashmir bank developed gradually and started providing modern banking facilities to its customers. Customers can now do business with the bank without the need to go to the bank personally.

Among several services stated by the bank for its customers, one of the services is the Jammu Kashmir bank balance check online. This service allows a customer to check the bank balance online without physically going to the bank.

A customer can check his account balance in J&K bank through:

  • Internet Banking
  • Mobile Banking
  • ATM Service
  • SMS
  • Passbook

JK Bank Internet Banking

An advantageous way to do banking with the bank is JK internet banking. Internet banking is a good way for corporate and retail customers since this facility provides account access anytime from any location with the help of an internet connection. 

With the help of JK bank internet banking, a customer does not need to wait in a queue to do transactions or other work. You need to follow the steps given below to start using this facility:

  • Go to the bank branch where your account is maintained and register yourself by giving your details like account number etc. 
  • The branch will provide you with a user ID and password (you can change that password later by logging into your account)
  • After receiving the user ID and password, log into your account and set your desired login and transaction password.
  • Now you are ready to use JK bank internet banking.
  • You can now see your account balance and can do transactions.

If you register online by giving details like DOB, account number, etc., and do not register yourself through the bank, then you can only see your account balance but cannot do transactions.

J&K Bank Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking is the second method to check account balance in Jammu Kashmir bank. This facility is one of the best ways to stay updated about your account. 

It takes only a smartphone, an internet connection, and a mobile app called J&K Bank mPAY–Delight, which anyone who has a smartphone can download from Google Play Store.

You can use J&K Bank mPay-Delight mobile app to see your account balance in JK bank by the following method: 

  • Download and install the J&K Bank mPAY-Delight application on your smartphone from Google Play Store.
  • Install and open the app and allow the application to view and send SMS. 
  • Click Proceed 
  • Select the SIM which is registered with the bank and click Send. A dialog box will open to confirm your mobile number; if the number is correct, then click on proceed.
  • Now enter the details:
    1. ATM (Debut Card) number
    2. ATM  4-digit Pin
    3. Card expiry date
  • You will receive an OTP through SMS on your registered mobile number with the bank. Enter that OTP correctly, your registration will be complete successfully, and you will receive a 4-digit MPin through SMS on your mobile
  • Now set your desired password, accept the terms and conditions and click on set password.
  • After you set the password, log in and change MPIN you receive through SMS earlier. You can use the earlier MPIN, but it is good to change that for the best security. 
  • Now, you are ready to use the app. 

mPAY mobile application is easy to use and secure. You can check your account balance, transfer money and take advantage of several other services offered by the bank.

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J&K Bank Balance Check by ATM Card

Jammu Kashmir bank balance check can also be seen by using an ATM card with the help of an ATM. This method is one of the easy methods to know your account balance in JK bank. To see the account balance, you have to follow the steps mentioned below

  • Go to an ATM cabin and insert your card linked with your account into the ATM slot
  • Select your desired language (Hindi, English, Urdu)
  • Enter your card PIN
  • Select the appropriate operation you want to do, such as balance check, issue statement, withdrawal, etc.

J&K Bank Balance Check by SMS

To know your account balance by SMS, you must fill out the registration form. The registration process is as follows.

  • Go to the bank, collect the registration form, and fill it out by giving details like account type, your name, account number, the mobile number registered with the bank, etc.
  • You can also download the form in pdf format at jkbank.com
  • Submit the form, and you will get updates about your account when the bank updates the state.
  • You will get an SMS whenever your account is credited or debited by any amount.

JK Bank Balance Check by Passbook

The passbook method for Jammu Kashmir bank balance check is another method to know your balance. To know your credit through the passbook, you must go to the bank and ask the bank officials to update your passbook.

After they make credit and debit entries (if any) in your passbook, you can see your latest balance in the account.

You can also call on J&K bank’s toll-free customer care number, 18001800234, for any assistance regarding your account.


The above methods for Jammu Kashmir bank balance check aim to facilitate a customer to know the account balance. Accept the passbook method; all other techniques enable you to check your credit online without the need to go to the bank.

A customer can use all these methods or anyone to know his account balance in J&K bank.

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