Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities -

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minorities

The government of India has taken several steps to educate the country’s people. One such step is pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities.

Pre matric scholarship scheme is a scheme for minority school-going children. The scheme aims to encourage parents of minority communities to send their children to school and provide primary education to them up to 10th grade.

Parents from minority communities often did not send their children to school because of rising educational costs. The scheme helps minority community parents to alleviate the financial burden on their children’s schooling and support them in supporting their children to complete their education.

Pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities provides necessary financial assistance to minority students for education to empower them through education.

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme Coverage

Pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities is available in India at any government or private school from Ist. to 10 class.

Also, a student can be admitted to selected residential government and eligible private institutions, which the State Government and Administration of Union Territories select transparently.

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme Distribution for Minorities 

According to the National Commission for Minorities Act 1992, six communities have been declared minorities. These communities are Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians, Jain, and Zoroastrians (Parsis).

Children from these communities can get pre-matric scholarships to finance their education. The scholarship is distributed between states and Union Territories as per the minority population in the State or UT according to the census of 2001. 

The distribution of scholarships among States and Union Territories will be changed when the census date of 2011 is available. 

Thirty (30) percent of the total pre matric scholarship for minorities is earmarked for girl students. If the eligible girl student’s number is not sufficient enough, then the scholarship’s earmarked balance can be given to boy students.  

Eligibility for Scholarship

The students who, in the previous final examination, obtained 50 percent marks will be provided with pre matric scholarship.

Also, their parent’s or guardian’s annual income from all sources does not go beyond Rs one lakh.

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Conditions for Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme

Pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities has certain conditions; these conditions are as under are:

  • The scholarship is awarded to minority students from classes Ist to 10th. 
  • The student’s parents or guardians have to produce an income certificate issued by a competent authority in State/UT. 
  • Students who attain 18 years of age need a self-certified community certificate. Others need a community certificate certified by the student’s parent/guardian.
  • 50% marks in the previous examination are required to continue the scholarship (for renewal applicants).
  • Day scholars and hostellers will be given a maintenance allowance. 
  • The scholarship will only be awarded to two family members (students). 
  • Students must regularly attend, to the extent the competent school authority decides. 
  • The concerned school/institution will confirm the student’s claim of being an outstation student and not residing in the school/institution hostel. 
  • If a student violates school rules or other scholarship provisions, the scholarship may be suspended or withdrawn. The state/UT government can also take the scholarship directly if it is convinced of the reasons for the violation of the rules of this scheme.
  • The scholarship will be canceled if a student gets the scholarship by providing false information. And the scholarship amount will be recovered by the concerned authority. 
  • Fees for course/Tuition will be credited into the bank account of the school/institution. And maintenance charges will be credited to the bank account of the student.  
  • Students receiving benefits under this scheme are not allowed to get benefits from other programs for this purpose.
  • The student is entitled to only one scholarship from all available scholarships from Central Government for SC/ST/OBC/minority groups.
  • Usually, no transfer of students from one school/institution to another during the school year, except in exceptional cases and in the interest of the student’s learning process.
  • Subsequent years’ funds for the scholarship will be released for distribution after receiving the previous year’s utilization certificate. 

Scholarship Duration

The scholarships will be provided to an eligible student for the complete course. And in an academic year, a student is eligible to get maintenance charges only for ten months.

Pre Matric Scholarship Amount

Financial assistance is given to the students for admission/tuition, and maintenance. The charges are given below, subject to the maximum permitted amount shown against each activity.                                             

   Admission Fees Rs. 500/annum for class IV to X (both day scholars & hostellers) 
   Tuition fees Rs. 300/month for IV to X class (both day scholars & hostellers)
   Maintenance Fees  Rs. 100/month for day scholars for I to V class

Rs. 600/month for hostellers for VI to X class

Rs. 100/month for day scholars for VI to X class

The Ministry of Minority Affairs Government of India funded pre matric scholarship scheme that is implemented through State/UT Governments.

Pre Matric Scholarship Renewal

Once a student is provided with the scholarship, he/she can renew it during the next academic year by producing a certificate indicating that the student got 50 percent marks in the previous final examination.

Documents Required Pre Matric Minority Scholarship

Pre Matric Scholarship scheme for minorities requires some documents, which are: 

  • Income certificate from Tehsildar concerned/Employer’s salary certificate/Non-Judicial affidavit.
  • A photocopy of the bank passbook in the joint parent-student account
  • Previous year’s marks certificate
  • Ration Card/Electricity Bill/ Gas Bill/ Voter Identity Card or any other document of Parent/Guardian for proof of residence.
  • Photograph attested by the concerned Headmaster.
  • Minority certificate- Non-Judicial Affidavit

How to Apply for Pre Matric Scholarship?

A student applying for the first time for pre matric scholarship needs to register as a new applicant on National Scholarship Portal at

The student must provide accurate and verified information recorded in their documents. 

Parents/guardians of students need to fill out the registration form for their children under the age of 18 on the day of registration. Before starting the registration process, students /parents/guardians are advised to have the following documents ready:

  • Student’s educational documents
  • Bank account number of the student with IFSC of the bank branch
  • If the student has no account in his name, parents/guardians can provide their account number.
  • Student’s Aadhaar number
  • If Aadhaar is not available, a bona fide certificate from the school/institution can be used.
  • Bank passbook’s scanned copy and Aadhaar Enrolment ID


The pre matric scholarship scheme for minorities aims to empower these minority communities through education. The government wants to provide these communities with opportunities to move on in the field of education.

The scholarship provides a student with financial assistance from Ist to 10th class. Admission, Tuition, and Maintenance fees are covered under this scheme up to the two children of a minority family. 

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