Unlocking the Potential of Union Bank Rupay Credit Card -

Unlocking the Potential of Union Bank Rupay Credit Card

Unlocking the potential of Union Bank Rupay Credit Card can enhance your financial flexibility and benefits. The Union Bank Rupay Credit Card offers rewards, cashback, and seamless transactions.

It’s designed to cater to your diverse financial needs, making everyday purchases more rewarding. Whether you’re shopping online or dining out, this card can provide significant savings and convenience.

The card features EMV Chip and PIN technology for secure Point of Sale transactions, ensuring enhanced safety with its advanced integrated chip.

RuPay credit care has many variants such as Select, Premium, JCB Wlllness, etc.

This article, will take a look at RuPay Platinum Credit Card its benefits, features and eligibility.

Union Bank Platinum Rupay Credit Card

Platinum RuPay credit card from Union Bank carries annual fee of Rs. 299. Whenever you purchase using this card you will get discounts and cashback on your spending. The card provide several feature and benefits for the card holders.

Features and Benefits of RuPay Platinum Credit Card:

Annual Fee Waiver:

Spend Rs. 30,000 or more in the previous year to waive the Rs.299 annual fee for the following year.

Fuel Savings

Enjoy a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on every fuel transaction, up to Rs.100 per month.

Merchant Discounts

Enjoy special discounts and cashbacks at select merchants.

Cash Back

Access exclusive discounts and cashbacks at restaurants and while paying utility bills.

Rewarding Milestones

Achieve an annual fee waiver by spending Rs. 30,000 or more in the previous year.

Flexible EMI Options

Choose convenient EMI tenures of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months for various purchases (excluding cash withdrawals, fuel transactions, and gold purchases).

Interest-Free Credit

Make purchases and pay without interest for 21 to 50 days.

Flexible Payments

Pay in full, the minimum due, or any amount above the minimum.

Manage Your Payments

Choose how you pay, aligning with your financial comfort.

Insurance Coverage

Gain personal accidental coverage of up to Rs.2 lakhs in case of accident-induced death or permanent disability.

Secure Transactions

Enjoy protection against fraudulent transactions up to Rs.1.50 lakh after reporting the card loss to Union Bank.

Lost Card Protection

Report a lost card immediately by calling Union Bank credit card customer care at 18004251515 (toll-free) to block the card for security.

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Platinum RuPay Credit Card Fee and Charges

Joining Fee: There is no joining fee, that mean when you apply for this credit card you did not need to pay any fee.

Annual fee: Annual fee for RuPay card is Rs.299

Add-on credit Card Issuance Fee: Rs.300

Roll-over Facility Fee: Rolling over fee is 5%. Roll-over facility fee means if you roll over the outstanding balance to the next billing cycle

Credit-free period: The credit card has 21 to 50 days of credit free period

Cash advance limit: 30% of sanctioned limit

Card lost charges: None

Replacement of lost card: Rs.149 is charges for replacing your lost card

Charge-slip Request: Rs.200

Transactions Fee at Railways: 1.5% + IRCTC charges

Foreign Currency Mark-up Fee: If you make transaction in foregoing currency you will be charges 3% of the transaction

Temporary Enhancement Fee: Rs.200 if you want to temporary increases your credit on the card.

Cash Withdrawal at Union Bank of India ATMs: 3% or Rs.200 (whichever is higher)

Cash Withdrawal at Other Banks’ ATMs: 3% or Rs.200 (whichever is higher) + Rs.50

Balance Enquiry at Union Bank of India ATMs: None

Balance Enquiry at Other Banks’ ATMs: Rs.20

Interest on Cash Advances: 2.5% monthly interest on cash withdrawals

Service Charge on Revolving Credit Facility: 2.5% per month or 34.49% (Annualised Percentage Rate)

Service Charge on Revolving Credit Facility: 2.95% per month or 41.75% (Annualised Percentage Rate)

Over-limit Fee: there is 2.5% of over-limit amount, minimum Rs.250

Duplicate Statement (Over 3 Months): three-month duplicate statement fee for the card is Rs.50 per statement

Duplicate Physical PIN Mailer: Rs.50 per PIN

Late Payment Fee:

  • 200 up to 25,000
  • 500 over 25,000

Eligibility for Applying for RuPay Platinum Credit Card

  • Salaried individuals: Age should range between 18 and 60 years.
  • Professionals: Age requirement is between 18 and 70 years.
  • Minimum annual income of Rs.2.5 lakh is necessary to apply for this credit card

Documents Needed for Platinum Credit Card

If you want to apply for platinum credit card from Union Bank of India, you need the fallowing documents to apply:

  • You need to submit duly filled application form.
  • Two color passport-size photos.
  • Business owners need to submit last 2 years of Income Tax Returns (ITR) with computation sheets.
  • Salaried individuals need to submit Form 16, latest salary slip, or Income Tax Returns.
  • Proof of address documents
  • Identity proof documents
  • PAN card

How to Apply for Platinum Rupay Credit Card? 

If you want to apply for the platinum RuPay  Credit Card, visit the nearest Union bank branch and submit duly filled application form. Ensure you bring all the required documents. Currently, Union Bank does not offer an online application method.

RuPay Credit Card Limit and Card Policy

To get more information such as card limit and other card policy about RuPay Credit Card from Union Bank you can visit the website of the bank and check at  credit card policy.


Union Bank of India has introduced RuPay credit Credit card to cater to customer needs. This card provides flexible EMI options, fuel savings, cashback offers, etc. The Platinum RuPay Credit Card, the allows you to earn reward points for every purchase you made through this card.

RuPay Credit card offers cashback deals on specific categories. Additionally, the insurance benefits are also provided through this card.

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