Speed Post vs Registered Post: Difference -

Speed Post vs Registered Post: Difference

Speed ​​Post vs Registered Post service which one is good? The speed post and registered post are postal services provided by India Post to the general public in India. Are they both the same?  

Speed Post is known for its limited-time delivery, and Registered Post is known for its secure delivery. The fundamental difference between speed post and registered post is that the former refers to specific addresses, while the latter is particular to the recipient.

With the advancement of technology, the world has become a global village without boundaries since it is not possible for most people to personally deliver all documents, packages, gifts, messages, and business letters due to their busy schedules.

Speed Post vs Registered Post

Speed Post vs Registered Post

Speed ​​Post and Registered Post are the most reliable services in delivering goods. These services facilitate the urgent and convenient delivery of mails safely and promptly.

Speed Mail

Indian Department of posts started speed post service in 1986 to provide time-limited delivery of posts. The speed post offers “one rate” delivery prices in all locations in India, with faster and safer deliveries (usually 2-3 days in India).

It also provides an excellent delivery network in different parts of the world (including remote regions). The delivery made to the recipient’s address, the full name and signature of the person receiving the delivery, and the number of items delivered is recorded on the delivery note.

The main feature that distinguishes this service from all the others is its faster delivery system. Speed ​​Post also offers a feature to track the status of posts via an online portal.

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Registered Mail

The registered post/mail is also a service of the Indian postal service, similar to ordinary mail. Registered post service provides additional services such as secure delivery and the recipient’s signature on delivery. Additionally, register mail service also coverage (insurance) and proof of delivery.

Since the service is similar to regular mail, it usually takes 2 to 5 days for the package to reach its destination. Identification is given to the article and recorded simultaneously at each handling stage.

In this way, the correct recording of posts and parcels is maintained up to the delivery point, with the tracking details available for the recipient at each point. In general, the service is used to deliver credit cards or real estate documents, etc. 

Speed ​​Post and Registered Post Comparison

Base for Comparison Speed Post Registered Post
Meaning Speed post provides time-limited delivery of letters, parcels, and gifts with faster and safer deliveries (usually 2-3 days in India) Speed post provides time-limited delivery of letters, parcels, and gifts with faster and safer deliveries (usually 2-3 days in India)
Registered post/mail is also a service of the Indian postal service. Registered post service provides additional services such as secure delivery and the recipient’s signature on delivery. It also covers (insurance) and proof of delivery.
Delivery It is address specific It is addressee specific
Time Taken Delivery time is usually 2-3 days Delivery time is usually 2-5 days
Speed It has more speed Comparatively Less speed
Record Keeping It has regular recording keeping Enough/special record-keeping with precaution and due care
Rates Cheap High

 Speed Post vs Registered Post Key Differences  

  • The main difference between a speed post and a registered post is that a speed post is a specific management service; in essence, the delivery of the article can be taken by the recipient or by any other person, such as family members of the recipient. While the registered post is specific to the recipient, i.e., only the recipient can take item or parcel delivery. 
  • The second difference is the time it takes to deliver a parcel/item. Speed Post is a high-speed postal service that offers limited-time mail delivery. As for the punctual delivery of the registered mail is like the ordinary mail in which the parcel is registered, and the custody of the parcel is maintained from the origin to the destination.
  • In the case of speed post, normal record-keeping is carried out. In contrast, exceptional record-keeping is carried out in the case of a registered letter with an identification card which the recipient must sign on delivery. 
  • Speed post is much faster than registered post.
  • The speed post service is affordable, while the registered post rates are relatively high.
  • Speed Post does not provide additional coverage as a registered post offers.
  • Speed Post typically takes 2-3 days to reach the destination, while the deadline for registered mail usually is 2 to 5 days.

Advantages of the Speed Post

In India, Speed Post items reach their destination within 24 to 72 hours, depending on the distance from the delivery point. The movement can be monitored online with the tag number on the speed post receipt even within this time frame.

At the same time, delivery is notified via SMS message, based on the information provided by the sender when booking the postal item. So the speed post is quick and reliable.

  • Fast delivery within the time
  • Delivery notice/status check
  • Global coverage
  • Online monitoring service
  • Affordable prices
  • Insured delivery with compensation in case of failure

Advantages of Registered Post

This mail service is a little more expensive than other mail services. However, the benefits of the registered post make you choose this service. Registered post is highly secure, and you can send any document by this facility.

  • Safe and secure: this is handled with high security as it contains important documents. The covers have not been changed/tempered at all. Don’t worry; you can send important documents by this post.
  • Status check: since the recipient must sign a form upon receipt of the mail, the sender can check his delivery status, whether it is delivered or not. Also, the sender can track the consignment
  • Postal Tracking: India Post Office offers the ability to track the status of registered mail using the tracking number. The sender can check exactly where the package is located.
  • Record keeping: proper documentation is maintained by the postal department and keeps all the records.


Now we know the difference between speed post vs registered post. Speed Post and Registered Post are India Post services available in all regions of the country, with delivery to different parts of the country and worldwide. People can choose one of these two services based on their needs and requirements, i.e., the speed and security they want to deliver their items/parcels.

Both services are reliable, and the two things that make the difference are speed and security. If time is your main concern, you can opt for a speed post. But if you want to deliver something valuable that needs to be taken care of, it’s best to ask for a registered post.

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